What you are going to LEARN in this episode:
  1. What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
  2. Why did Liberty Entrepreneurs start Season 1 and what to expect?
  3. What benefits can a Virtual Assistant add to your team
So it’s been a few weeks and I haven’t posted a podcast.  So what’s the deal?  We’ll so many people started asking me about my Virtual Assistant that I decided to build a business to help other digital entrepreneurs quickly hire, train and add their own new virtual team member. I’m proud to introduce Liberty Virtual Assistants (https://www.libertyvas.com).   For me, it seems easy.  I’ve been working with a remote staff for 5 years, but to others it’s still a very foreign concept.  How do you find and hire?  How do you pay? How best to communicate through cultural differences and language barriers? What tools and apps bring the team together? How do you build respect and keep morale high? So many good questions, but not ones I’ll ask myself lately.  One day I sat down and started thinking about all the things i’ve learned over the past 5 years and was astonished at the wealth of knowledge and experience that only lives in my head. It’s time to create content around what i’ve learned and create value for others who are just now starting to build a virtual team. Welcome to Season 1 – How to Work with a Virtual Assistant!  I hope you find it helpful. If you are interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant to your team, and want to use our VIP virtual assistant service, please complete the “Let’s Get Started” form on the website (https://www.libertyvas.com/#get-started) Even if you don’t hire a new Virtual Assistant, there’s no doubt that you’ll gain a TON of insights and knowledge from this podcast series.   Until next time…Keep Building Freedom!
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