What you are going to LEARN in this episode:
  • Learning on the VA job vs “formal” College education
  • Typical working hours and salary for a call center technician
  • How the freedom from working at home benefits both VAs and Clients
  • Call Center job vs being a Virtual Assistant
Welcome back to Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast!  Today’s guest is Dexter “Dex” Carreon, Team Liberty’s very first Virtual Assistant!   Dex joined Team Liberty in Summer 2016 as the “Virtual Podcast Manager”.  He’s role includes editing audio, designing social media graphics, competitor research, WordPress management and even building an Woocommerce online store.   The purpose of this episode is to, again, give you an inside look at the background and experiences of another Virtual Assistant and the journey to finally becoming a VA.  Like many of us, Dex started off stocking shelves in a grocery store, then was hired for the night shift for a technical support call center and now as a technical Virtual Assistant. Tune in to hear how Dex used to spend 5+ hours/day to travel to-from work and put in 11-hour workdays during the “graveyard shift”.  Listen to his enthusiasm as he describes how his life has gotten so much better now that he works as a Virtual Assistant.  More money; way fewer hours and work from home without the need to travel. We also discuss his experience without having a 4-year college degree, but getting the same types of jobs and picking up skills and “software upgrades” that continued to raise his market value.   In the end, Dex could never go back to the Call Center jobs.  The lack of dynamic tasks and flexible schedule can’t compare with the awesomeness of working from home as a Liberty Virtual Assistant! Remember, when you hire a Virtual Assistant you are creating a win/win scenario and helping improve the lives of someone on the other side of the world.  #winning
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