Welcome back! One of the most common questions I hear from fellow entrepreneurs is “am I ready to hire a virtual assistant?”.  Such a good question and the purpose of this episode is to help answer that question.  So let’s get started!

Before I hire a new Virtual Assistant (I currently have 4 on my team) there are a few checkpoints that I ask myself.

  1. Is this a permanent position or one-off contract?  At LibertyVAs, we concentrate on helping you hire staff to your team, rather than contracting with VAs for a one-off project.  That said, you can still hire project-based work from sites like Fiverr.com and Upwork.com. If you have such a project, please reach out to us and we’ll see if we can help you.  apply@libertyvas.com
  1. Have I defined the VA’s role and responsibilities? Hiring someone to just throw a bunch of random work is not effective. It creates a TON of confusion and misunderstandings. If you don’t have the role defined, much of your time will be spent answering you VA’s questions rather than getting work done.
  1. Have I created workflows or training material for the tasks to delegate? Again, the point of hiring a VA is to save time. You should have at LEAST one written or recorded Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to delegate to your new VA. This way they don’t have to come to you and learn from only the information in your head. SOPs also make it very easy to pass the task to another VA or virtual team member.
  1. Do I have enough work to fill up their time? This is one of the most common questions that I receive. Due to this, I’ve created a 10 hr/week VA service to help you get virtual management and delegation experience as well as help you gain the confidence that’s needed to build a STRONG virtual team. If there’s open time in the VAs schedule, ask them to do some research for you and work on your communication methods (covered in Episode 3).  To reach true team efficiency, communication take work and practice.
  1. How do I delegate tasks? Another great question. I use Asana (www.Asana.com) to create, assign, track and set due dates for all the tasks that need to be completed. This helps keep up with the day-to-day progress or problems. Other tools like Trello, Basecamp and Microsoft Planner also work great.
  1. How do I keep up with my VA’s work each day? This is similar to #5, but different. Each of my VAs sends an End of Day (EOD) report detailing the tasks accomplished, how much time it took and any feedback that needs to be brought to my attention.  Here’s an example:
  1. How do I pay their salaries? We make this easy for you. We’ll send you an invoice (payable in Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit Card or via ACH bank transfer) and then pay your VA bi-weekly.
  1. What if I have trouble with my VA? Again, we got your back. Unlike other VA companies, we are available to chat with you about any issues, questions, or concerns after you’ve hired. It’s our goal to help you become the best digital entrepreneur possible and this includes customer service.  Once you are a client, you can email our support staff at support@libertyvas.com.
  1. Can I afford to hire a VA? Well that’s hard for me to say, but we offer a Starter package which is for 10 hours/week and only $300 USD each month. Try to find staff for that price in your own country.
  1. How do I retain privacy while giving them access to my platforms? With tools like Lastpass, where you can share login credentials without showing the password. Also, many apps (Paypal, Bitpay, Facebook, Hootsuite, Zoho CRM, etc) allows you to create accounts with user permissions, but without Admin permissions.  Check on the applications that you use and learn how to set permissions so that your Staff doesn’t need you to do their day-to-day tasks.