Hi there! It’s Ashe, Virtual CEO of Liberty Virtual Assistants (LVAs). Thanks for stopping by. The purpose of the LVAs blog is to share my perspective and journey of learning how to become digital entrepreneur and grow a lifestyle business with a 100% virtual team. I hope to share both my successes and failures so that you can learn from both. I also encourage you to comment and share your own experiences as well. Entrepreneurship requires networking, communication and community as well as 12 hour days and working harder than most people can ever imagine. Are we crazy? Probably.

A little background on why I’m experienced and credible to write on how to manage and build with a Virtual Team. From 2012 – 2017 I was a Private Banker and eventually the Head of Business Development at Euro Pacific Bank. During that time, I hired and managed a team of ~12-15 employees from around the world. We worked together every day and I never met most of them. We were successful in building an online, offshore bank and grew it from nearly nothing to a well-respected and highly networked financial company. I had to learn new and unique techniques to connect with, inspire and get results from people from different cultures, native languages and work experience.

In 2015, I was releasing a weekly podcast episode called the Liberty Entrepreneurs podcast and it was taking ~20hrs/week. I also had a full time job at the bank. While I loved interviewing, I knew that I needed some assistance. I decided to use a VA company online and although I ended up hiring a great VA, it wasn’t without plenty of confusion, delays and struggles.

Fast forward ~6 months later and I’m getting regular requests by my business friends to help them hire a VA! My goal for Liberty Virtual Assistants is to help my entrepreneurial peers higher experienced staff to delegate tasks, create a role and build out their team with an experienced, yet affordable Virtual Assistant from the Philippines.

We aren’t just a staffing company, but once you subscribe we handle your VA’s international payroll and you have access to our VA Support Team (basically VA Human Resources) for when you have issues or questions about your new team member. You will also receive my 13-part email automation with various tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. I also plan to release a “How to manage a Virtual Assistant and Virtual Team” soon which will be discounted for all LVAs clients.

If you are still curious about the tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do, please download our Top 27 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant free PDF guide available here in the sidebar —->

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs

When you are ready to get started, complete the “Get Started” form on the homepage. The image was taken while visiting part of the LVAs staff in Davao City, Philippines.

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