Interviewing a Virtual Assistant can be a daunting and intimidating task. Here’s a list my top interview questions to help you quickly and confidently judge if the VA candidate is a good fit for you and your team.

Here we go!

1. How did you end up as a Virtual Assistant (“VA”)? What’s your story?

This is a great opening question and provides an opportunity for the VA to talk about themselves. Does the VA feel comfortable with such an open-ended question or do they get really nervous? The ability to sell yourself and explain your past is a great way to judge someone’s confidence.

2. What are your core skills? Tell me about your experience helping a client with similar business needs.

Another opened-ended “ice breaking” question. This offers the VA an opportunity to tell you, specifically, about one of their strengths. If you found your VA through Liberty Virtual Assistants ( then the answer to this question *should* be very closely related to one of the main tasks you need to quickly delegate in your business.

3. If I asked you to perform a task, and after accepting it you realized you couldn’t do it on your own, what would you do?

VA’s take on tasks that they aren’t 100% confident in for two reasons: 1) because they enjoy the challenge and 2) because they don’t want to seem incapable. Do they answer this question with “Well, I think I would…” which shows that they might not have thought about it before or do they answer with  “This has happened to me before. I first went to Google/YouTube to try and quickly learn and if that doesn’t work, I would contact you for assistance and clarification”. See the difference?  

4. Do you currently have another client?  If so, how many hours do you work each week? What time zone are you in and what hours are you available?

Here we are trying to gauge their FOCUS and COMMITMENT. If you plan to hire your VA for 4 or less hours/week, then it’s not uncommon for them to have another client. It’s important to establish and confirm the work schedule to make sure they can commit and set aside focused time for your business.

5. How long were you with your previous client and why did you leave?

Online and digital work moves fast and understanding why a VA’s last job ended (and how long it lasted) can give you a good idea of their commitment level.

6. Have you worked in a call center or in the BPO industry?

The idea here is to gauge their experience with customer service. In my opinion, customer service is a fundamental skill that is hard to each, but easy to learn if the experience is there. Call centers teach these skills to many VAs and you might be able to benefit from it.

7. What is your least favorite task and why? Would you be OK with this type of task if it wasn’t regular?

Nobody likes to work on things which they aren’t good at or don’t like to do. Respecting that, or at least understanding it will help the VA feel like a valued part of your team.

Example: Maybe the VA says they really dislike transcription, but you really need them to transcribe a podcast one week. Communicating that this isn’t a common task will build that team mentality.

8. Are you married and do you have kids?

I’ve found that if the VA is married and with kids, they are typically more responsible, more dedicated, have more expenses and are more dependable. This is kind of a wildcard question, but from my experience it makes a difference.  

9. Do you have backup internet?

The internet in any developing country has room to be improved. If their internet goes out, can the VA tether from their phone or visit a near-by coffee shop?

10. What tools do you use every week to stay productive? What are some of your favorites?

Find out how the VA stays on top of their work and keeps things efficient. I use ShortKeys, Snagit, Google Calendar extension, Boomerang (for Gmail), Lastpass, Zoom, Slack and Telegram.

11. What CRM and/or Email Ticketing system(s) have you used?

Does the VA have experience keeping a database of clients and emails organized? We use Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk to manage our leads, contacts, accounts and support email tickets. This type of knowledge can really speed up the training period and get your business really organized.

12. What calendar software do you use (Google Cal, Apple iCal, etc)?

Using a calendar software means that you are organized. I create a Google Suites Gmail account for each of my staff and import their calendars so that I have visibility. Asana lets you connect the Google calendar and populates it with the tasks due on certain days. Also, I add all meetings and project milestones to my staff’s calendar.  

13. What project management tools have you used? What was your experience with them?

A project management tool, like Basecamp and Asana, are at the heart of your company. They keep you organized and help your team understand their tasks at hand and due dates. Go ahead and get on the same page here.

Good luck and if you want to learn more about how Liberty Virtual Assistants can help you find an affordable and experienced Virtual Assistant then please contact our staff at or fill out the form on our homepage (